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Jen–Fitness, body building and sales.

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

One of my friends for the past 40+ years recently stayed at our house, and he was sharing how his two daughters are doing. One is a very successful lawyer who started her own practice a couple of years ago. The other is a successful salesperson who has been focused on fitness and body building for the past year or so.

He was explaining that Jen goes to the fitness club each night to work on various parts of her body, and she is equally obsessed with the food and nutrition that she puts into her body. Her dad mentioned it is her routine to start working out exactly at 6 p.m. each night and she always keeps her regimen.

Recently Mary Kay and I had a chance to talk to her about her success in sales. We asked about the key to her success in sales. Her answer was that she is “tenacious”. When Jen ended our conversation, she announced that she had phone with her team in 15 minutes and it was important for her to get ready for that call.

Successful people do what other people won’t or don’t do so that they can achieve the success in their lives that others never will.

What a great lesson for us all!

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