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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

I’ve known Justin for 15 years. He lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota – the 113the largest TV market size in the U.S. This means it just isn’t that big of a city compared to other cities.

I had the pleasure of watching Justin grow over the years. He is part of a franchise system that I worked with. This week we caught up and he shared with me that he has the 6th largest revenue volume in the system.


Justin was one of the first in the system to build a multi-office building so the renters could help pay for his location. When he expanded his own location, he simply purchased another building in town for one of his renters.

In recent years he and his wife built a large Airbnb a couple hours from Sioux Falls that is perfect for summer or snow mobile season. In the next couple weeks, a second one will be complete that is adjacent to the original one, and there is a lot close by for a third.

He also mentioned that he has been spending time at night looking at various real estate listings throughout the country, then doing research to see how vibrant the rental market is in those locales.


Justin has a goal! When Justin joined our franchise, he attended a goal setting class on the first day of training. He took this to heart, put his goals in the drawer of his desk, and referred to them often to monitor how he was doing. Upon accomplishing specific goals, he developed more goals and has continued to achieve those goals as well.

One of those goals was helping grade school kids learn to wrestle. Both Justin and his brother were very successful high school wrestlers. Many of his students have gone on to achieve great success while wrestling.

He is on track to retire in his late 40’s or early 50’s. I know he will achieve those goals as he has continued to do who others won’t do so he can live like others won’t live.ust for display.

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