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16-year-old Jake, a high school Junior, in golf

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

I know Jake. I’ve known Jake’s dad, Tom, since he was born. I love talking to Tom and learning what Jake is doing now in the world of golf.

Jake’s initial goal is to win a state championship. This summer he was at the golf course by 6:30am. He’d practice for a couple hours then drive to a different golf course to play 18. When done he would drive back to the first golf course, practice more, then play another 18 holes. When he was done with his second round of 18, he would practice for a couple more hours.

How did that work out for him? Recently he was in a tournament with 127 other high school golfers. Tom said he didn’t play well but he won by an even par. This summer he took second, in a playoff, in the city tournament. High school players are seldom entered in this elite tournament.

What impresses Tom is that Jake gets up on his own and is out of the house on the way to the golf course to practice. Every day. Tom recently took his family to a Cubs game. Jake had to get a couple hours of practice in before they could leave.

When putting together his schedule for school Jake made sure his last class was as late as possible so he could get more practice in. He knew he would have an advantage over everyone else by doing this.

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